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What is Enterprise Certificate?

The corporate signature is also commonly known as the ios corporate signature or the Apple corporate signature, which can be seen as a higher level of authority embodied by the Apple corporate developer account. In the ios internal testing phase, developers usually need corporate signatures. Corporate signatures can help ios internal testing applications to be quickly installed and tested quickly without Apple’s review. Corporate-signed applications can be installed directly on Apple phones.


Can the enterprise signature be downloaded without passing the review?


Since the ios system is very strict on the installation of applications, corporate signatures are a common method during the ios internal testing phase. Generally, applications installed by ios users are installed through the App Store. For developers, it is very important for developers to put on the app store. . However, the strict review of the AppStore has destined that many apps cannot be put on the shelves, especially the newly developed apps, which need to be internally tested. There may be many imperfections that cause the apps to be unavailable, so how can the ios app be internally tested?


In fact, in addition to testflight, Apple also provides other methods. We know that a personal account or a company account is required for listing on the App Store, but in fact, in addition to these two methods, there are also corporate accounts, which cannot be in the app store. Publish the application, but is used as a signature. It is very difficult to apply for an enterprise developer account. It is suitable for internal applications distributed by employees of large enterprises and can be used directly internally without going through the App Store. Enterprise signature is to use the enterprise certificate generated by the enterprise developer account to sign the application to realize the process of bypassing the App Store installation.


You may have seen propaganda similar to "ultra-low price, stable signatures for companies that cannot be dropped" on some signature-related channel platforms. Said his company's signature price is cheap and stable, and cost-effective.


To be honest, there is no app corporate signature that cannot be dropped, and there is no corporate signature with good signature stability and low price. The stability of the corporate signature is linked to the price. The more stable the signature, the higher the requirements and control standards for the certificate, and the fewer signature applications for a certificate. Now the enterprise certificate has sold hundreds of thousands. If you want to insist on safe and stable signatures, a certificate can only sign a small number of applications, and the amount will naturally be high.


It has been said that the price signed by enterprises is linked to stability. The lower limit of the price of corporate signatures is very low. Some individuals advertise that there is a one-month shared signature for 200 yuan, and we are well aware of this kind of signature. Sign hopeless. There are also differences between different price points of corporate signatures, the more expensive the more stable. Therefore, it cannot be said that the price of corporate signatures is generally not high, but that corporate signatures are divided into different versions, and the prices of different versions are different.


Some developers chose the independent version with high stability, but found that the signature was repeatedly dropped. The person who went to the signer, received a reply that the company's signature was unstable, and it was normal to lose the signature.


Even the ultra-stable version of the corporate signature will lose the signature, but only by manipulating the use of the signature can the stability of the signature be promoted. If the price of independent signatures still shows frequent sign-offs, it is mostly a black-hearted business that uses a shared certificate to fake an independent certificate.


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