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What is TF signature?

First of all, let’s take a look at the concept of Apple’s TF signature, TF signature/TestFlight signature, which is currently the most stable signature method. It is a distribution mode officially approved by Apple, which is reviewed by the official and the official provides a link for distribution.According to current statistics, most of the APP applications use TestFlight for external phased testing in the pre-test phase.


What are the advantages of Apple's TF signature?


Everyone knows that Android apps can be downloaded through various platform channels, but Apple app downloads are subject to strict appstore approval. If your app wants to be put on the shelves, you need to experience many and firm beliefs, which leads to many apps that cannot be put on the appstore, but they suffer Operators do promotion and lose a large number of Apple users. This is something that no one wants to see. So many developers will use Apple signatures to bypass Apple's review and use Apple signatures for user distribution channels, such as us The company signature, super signature, which is relatively well-known at present, has newly launched a TF signature/TestFlight signature in recent years


There are many types of corporate signatures on the market, but there are often stand-alone versions that are dropped. If you give you a shared certificate, sharing is indeed very easy to drop, so it is also a headache for operators.


Super signatures are also very expensive. When many users promote new applications, they will take into account the promotion cost and calculate it based on the number of units. Many operators cannot withstand the burn, especially on some platforms.At this time, TF signature has become a new choice. Apple TF signature is more stable than corporate signature and cheaper than super signature.


Apple TF signature/TestFlight signature is a distribution mode officially approved by Apple, allowing users to install more at ease; downloading applications no longer need to click on the trust certificate, download and use directly; application update information is pushed through Apple's official channels, which is more convenient and faster, any Apple The equipment can be installed. The distribution interface is also elegant and beautiful, and can also be customized


Is the Apple TF signature production process troublesome?


I often hear that I want to sign on TF but always stop. The reason is that TF signature/TestFlight signature is not like a super signature. Just like corporate signatures, direct signatures can be used. Because the TF signature mechanism is approved by the shelves, the audit code needs to be modified. , It can be used only after listing.


When making a TF signature/TestFlight signature, it should be noted that the bundleid and version number will definitely be changed. The reason is that your bundleid has been generated by the developer, and this record is unique and cannot be repeated, so there is no way to proceed. The name and introduction can be unchanged unless you log out.


Making a TF sign depends on Apple's development skills. If it is done well, it basically does not need to be modified by the operator. Basically, it can be put on the shelf at one time. The so-called 30-minute link is issued.


If you need to modify the payment, you need to hide the login, register the visitor login, etc., you can only say that you have met someone who does not use TF signature to make, and you will end up in time. I also think that TF signature production is such a trouble And invalid.In fact, TF signature/TestFlight signature will be made. You only need to provide a package. For any type of application, it can basically give you a link in 30 minutes.


Is Apple's TF signature stable?


Compared with corporate signatures, Apple TF signatures can be relatively stable. You don't have to worry about it. It might fall off in the next second. Don't worry about when my app will be blacked out and cannot be opened.


But the TF signature is not stable, but there is a very small probability that it will drop. If you meet someone who tells you that the package is stable, it will not drop. Then you need to pay attention.


TF signing off is related to many factors: for example, the personal developer account is a survey number, a second-hand account, low quality, machine-based account, and it is basically easy to be blocked quickly. Secondly, the nature of the application in the TF application and the number of downloads are also due to reasons. of. These are the experiences I have summed up from doing TF signing for many years.


It is true that the probability of losing a lottery is low, and the formal industry can hardly maintain it. If you need to make a TF sign, you can come to Manlin Technology, a professional IOS development team, which can solve any TF listing review issues, and let your link come out in 30 minutes. We are professional in making TF signatures and TestFlight signatures. If you encounter a problem that cannot be solved, consult us. There can be nothing wrong.


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